Making a Booking

Find useful information to help you make your bookings and get the best service from raileasy.

How to use raileasy

New to online booking? Or simply unsure about booking, or want to see if there's anything you are missing? Here is your step-by-step definitive guide on how to use raileasy.

Book in advance and save money

Raileasy always recommends booking in advance to make sure you can get the best discounts - travellers can save up to 80% by booking in advance. Advance fares are released anything UP TO 12 weeks in advance, but sometimes later so check regularly for the best prices as these fares are subject to availability.

Fares explained

Find out the differences between Advance, Off Peak & Super Off Peak and Anytime fares to help you decide which type of fare is best for you.

Ticket Collection (TOD)

TOD ticket collection means you collect your tickets at the staition. It's raileasy recommended method of collection and it's FREE.

Cheapest vs flexible tickets

Raileasy have summarised all UK rail fares in two types to make it easier for you to find and book tickets that meet your needs.

Amending your booking

All tickets sold by Raileasy are amendable. The origin and destination must remain the same and all un-used tickets returned no later than 28 days after the original travel date.

Cancelling your booking

Not all rail fares are cancellable/refundable so please check the terms & conditions of your ticket BEFORE you book. These terms are set by the train operating companies. Cancellation requests must be raised within 28 days of the travel date and all unused tickets returned.

Raileasy terms and conditions

All bookings are subject to Raileasy's terms & conditions so please read these before you complete your booking.

Insurance terms and conditions

For added security and peace of mind you can opt to insure your raileasy journey at £1.50 per person per journey.

National Rail Conditions of Travel

Every ticket you book for travel on the National Rail Network is subject to the National Rail Conditions of Travel which is set out to explain your rights and restrictions. If you have any issues with your journey you may wish to refer to these conditions.

Network Maps

Need help planning your journey? Take at look at these network maps including national, regional, and international rail maps. All by Project Mapping (© Project Mapping)

UK rail & Eurostar

Travelling from around the UK to St Pancras International to take a Eurostar to Europe


National Rail offers flexible fares for travel to London or Ashford to connect with a Eurostar departure to Europe. These are separate tickets which should be used in conjunction with your international travel ticket. You will need to be able to produce evidence of your travel with Eurostar, eg an email confirmation.


Tickets issued to "London International for Eurostar" have fewer time restrictions (often none at all) compared with normal tickets and they ensure "Contract for International Carriage of Passengers and Luggage by Rail (CIV) - PDF" apply to your whole journey, rather than just in Europe. This protects you in case one of your journeys is delayed resulting in a missed connection.


Tickets to "London International" also include the London Underground across London (if necessary) to St Pancras. 

Disabled Passengers

Travelling by train can be daunting for many, however the rail companies offer a range of services to help travellers requiring additional assistance both at the station and on board. Disabled Passengers