Advance Single - Standard Class

Advance tickets are single (one-way) tickets for many longer and some shorter distance journeys, are available in First Class and Standard Class and offer the best available price for each journey.

Tickets must be booked in advance of travel and are subject to availability.

Advance tickets are valid only on the specific booked train but can be changed before departure of the first reserved service for a fee.


Tickets are valid only on the date and train service(s) shown on the ticket(s). Where applicable, valid only for travel in the class and reserved seat(s) shown on the ticket(s).

NOTE: Please check your ticket and booking details carefully, since it it possible that further restrictions on the validity of this ticket may be imposed.

Break of Journey - not permitted

A break of journey is only permitted to change to/from appropriate connecting trains as indicated on your ticket(s).

Prebooking - is not required

Tickets must be purchased in advance. Tickets must be purchased by 18:00 at least 1 day(s) before travel. This ticket cannot be purchaed at the station on the day of travel.

Reservation - is required

Reservations are required

Alteration of your journey - is not permitted

If the date of travel is to be changed then cancel the ticket and re-book. Refund will be subject to £10 admin charge and any difference in fare. Refund claims must be raised and unused ticket(s) returned within 28 days of the original travel date.

Cancellation of your journey - is not permitted

This ticket is non refundable (other than for an alteration of travel date).