Can I get fare quotes for journeys via email?

Unfortunately, due to fares changing all the time we cannot offer quotes via email. Please use our site for up to date information on Fares, Times and Ticket Types.

Can I change my seat reservations?

Under extreme certain circumstances we can change seat reservations. For example, if a Mother and Child are not sat together we will try our best to reserve seats next to each other.

Can I change my delivery method?

If there is enough time we can have your TOD tickets posted either via first class (£1.50) or special delivery (£7.50), however we always recommend TOD as the best method of collection. If this is not an option we recommend special delivery to guarantee your tickets safe arrival as we cannot accept responsibility for TOD tickets that end up lost in the post. If you have selected for your tickets to be posted you cannot then change for collection at the station.

Can I book if I live outside of the UK?

Yes you can book tickets if you live outside the UK. Make sure you enter the correct billing address with the correct country, i.e. the one that is held by your bank or card issuer. Please do not enter a foreign address with UK as the country. Please be aware we can only post to the UK (excluding Ireland).