How do I book a seat for my child under 5?

Children under the age of 5 travel free but they do not get a seat and must sit on an adults lap. If you wish for them to have a seat you must book them as a child between the ages of 5-15.

How can I check if the is any line disruption or engineering works affecting my journey?

You can check current service alterations (click here) and future engineering works (click here) on National Rail. Please check to see if your journey is affected by engineering works BEFORE you book.

Do you charge a credit/debit card or booking fee?

At the moment Raileasy charges a booking fee of £2.50. Raileasy DOES NOT charge for using debit or credit cards. The discrepancy in charges will be detailed out to you on the payment page, before payment is taken. As an impartial, independent retailer with no connection to any of the train companies we earn a small commission on each of the train tickets purchased through us. Out of this commission we have to pay up to 90p (depending on where the ticket is printed) to the train company when the ticket is ticketed. To cover this cost we charge a booking fee. Much as we'd love to drop the booking fee, apart from the cost of printing the ticket, there are a number of other charges we have to pay out of the commission for accessing industry systems etc., which means that it sometimes costs us more to issue the ticket than the money we receive from selling it. This does not include the other overheads we have to pay out for such as merchant fees from card companies, software and programming costs etc. 

Do I always get a seat reservation? Why have I not got a seat reservation?

Seat reservations are only compulsory for cheap advance tickets which are subject to availability. Once you have selected your chosen fare and times click on 'For details of the selected fare, click here' for details on the ticket type. Seat reservations are not compulsory for flexible tickets as you can travel anytime; you have to select a time to make sure the fare is valid for the intended time of travel and seating preferences are requested as we may be able to assign reservations. We may also be able to assign reservations for your flexible ticket on request, please be aware reservations and seating preferences are subject to availability and cannot be guaranteed. An area of the train is left un-reserved on the day to accommodate these flexible tickets.

Can you tell me where my seat reservations are?

Refer yourself to your email confirmation or letter, where you will find your intinerary which includes the coach and seat number of your reservations.